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Lors Consulting LLC works primarily with computer systems. But we are much more than that. We can work with nearly anything that is electronic (and some things that are not), from old to new.


Frankly, much of the work that we do with Computers and Multimedia (listed below), are things others can do. So we try to give our clients more bang for their buck. We take pride in Solutions That Work and having a happy satisfied customer.


We often hear our customers say "I didn't know there was anyone that could do that" when they learn of the miscellaneous and custom things we do (listed below). But no matter whether your need is exceptional or routine, give us a call. If it can be made to work, we can make it work!



• Work that requires an FCC Radiotelephone license
• Electronic equipment repair  (Amps, Electric Organs/Pianos, Controllers, etc.)
• Integration of electronics into your vehicle (Cell phone booster, Bluetooth, GPS,   Back-up camera, power inverter, MP3 player, etc.)
• Integration of electronics into your home (link your PC to your   Stereo/Camera/Phones/Weather Station/etc., integrate house phone with cell   phone, convert cassettes & records to MP3, etc.)
• Antique restoration (Radios, Hand Crank Phones, Player Pianos, etc.;   operational restoration only, not cosmetic).


• Diagnose dead systems
• Recover infected systems
• Secure Wireless systems
• Secure shared files/printers
• Set up network printers
• Set up dual-boot systems
• Help with Microsoft Office
• Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
• Backup advice



• Video Projection
• Front/Rear Screen advice
• Video switching/distribution
• Multiple PC displays
• Sound Reinforcement
• Improving Intelligibility
• Wireless Microphones
• In-Ear Monitor systems
• Wireless Monitor systems
• House of Worship systems