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Lors Consulting LLC


Lors Consulting LLC is a small company that provides services rooted in an extraordinary combination of expertise and experience. We strive to build our reputation on a practice of solutions that not only work, but work well.

In short, we specialize in the integration and on-site maintenance of PCs, Networks, Audio-Visual Presentation systems, and numerous electronic gizmos.


Most of the work we do is computer related and performed on-site. Computers have become a necessity for both individuals and businesses. Systems need to run securely and reliably. However, things like WPA2, File Sharing & Permissions, Phishing, Spyware, and plain old equipment failures can make that requirement challenging. That is where Lors Consulting, LLC comes in. We can diagnose & repair failed systems, as well as make sure systems are secure and have dependable backups. We also do limited computer instruction.

Lors Consulting LLC can also assist with Video Projection systems and small Video Conferencing systems. We also understand Sound Reinforcement, and are familiar with the effect of early & late reflections, clarity ratings, wireless personal monitors, time alignment, line arrays, etc. If you have a multimedia need, we can help.

Lors Consulting LLC can also assist with a plethora of electronics. If you desire to integrate a backup camera with your compatible GPS, we can help. Or interface your cell phone with your home phones and/or your motorcycle intercom (in a way that works at the posted speed limit!). Or fix your transmitter (yes, we are licensed by the FCC). Or repair your audio power amplifier.

If it is electronic or computer related, give us a call – we can make it do what you need it to do!